4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Club Store Display Tray

Getting your product into club stores is only the first step to major sales. The great thing about club stores is of course exposure, but the branding possibilities are endless. I always cringe when I walk through a Costco and see a crumbling package with product falling out. It is such a waste of a great marketing opportunity. What your product looks like in the store is telling a story about your product and your company. You have to be sure you are sending the right message.

The club store display tray is one of the most common items you will see in a Sam’s or Costco, but not all trays are alike. Below are 4 tips to consider when designing your club store tray:

  1. Design your tray to be structurally sound enough to withstand pallet stacking and the wear and tear of the club store environment.
  2. Ensure sure your product fits perfectly and displays well in the tray even when the product is removed.
  3. Utilize the entire package to communicated your product offering and brand identity. 
  4. Strong colors sell!

Every day we are approached by companies wanting to succeed in club stores. We help them through the entire process from structure to graphics. Our work speaks for itself!  Call us today!