We Manufacture Using Green Processes

We employ sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint

When your package contains the Forest Guard Seal you are telling the world that you are commited to preserving our forests through environmentally focused purchasing and business practices.

What is Forest Guard Packaging?

Forest Guard Packaging by DeLine Box & Display is certified 100% recycled and 100% post-consumer waste packaging.

This means No trees were felled in the production of your package.

What Does 100% Recycled & 100% Post-Consumer Waste Mean?

Sourcing: We source our paper for liners and mediums from fully sustainable recycled paper mills and we source our raw materials all over the world. Even our coated linerboard is 100% recycled and PCW. Without recycling, waste paper would be dumped into a landfill. With recycling, a pulp facility de-inks and cleanses that waste paper to produce usable high quality pulp. That pulp is used in place of traditional wood pulp, sent through the manufacturing process and the paper is re-born as 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. Using 100% PCW recycled paper reduces our carbon footprint, doesn’t add to landfills and saves our forests. But, what does that really mean in numbers?

Using 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper results in:

  • 45% less energy use
  • 38% less greenhouse gasses produced
  • 45% less wastewater generate
  • 50% less solid waste created
  • 100% less wood use

Our Process

The Green Manufacturing Process

  • From our light bulbs to the trucks we use to transport, we employ sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint. Through these practices we save over 150,000 trees per year.
  • All of our inks are water based, using natural pigments from our Sony Green Partner Award certified ink supplier. These inks are also recycled in our on-premises Ink Kitchen and are remade and reused on other jobs.
  • Our paper is whitened without using aggressive bleaching chemicals like total chlorine.

Completing the Cycle with the Consumer

Consumers are making the choice to purchase products in sustainable packaging, but the where and how of how to recycle remains a mystery. With our easy to use guide on the bottom of our package we encourage consumers to complete the “cycle” in Recycle.

How does Deline stay committed to green processes?