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Tappi Testing Lab

TAPPI certified

Our internal, TAPPI certified, testing lab is our gateway to understanding what is happening to our product through the manufacturing cycle. We also use it to "deconstruct" other packaging materials to analyze the individual components that make up the box. The lab is a controlled environment maintained at 50% relative humidity and 73.5° Fahrenheit, with a separate "hot room" used to precondition materials before testing. Having a TAPPI lab on premises give us capabilities that most other packaging manufacturers do not have available locally. Our daily testing provides us insight into the integrity of our converting processes.

Capabilities include, but not limited to:

  • Box Compression Testing (BCT)
  • Edge Crush Testing (ECT)
  • Flat Crush, Ring Crush
  • Basis Weight
  • Moisture Content
  • Pin Adhesion
  • Mullen – Burst Strength Testing


We use the lab to design and utilize the most optimum packaging components.

Our European counterparts have long understood the need to design packaging using this central premise: use only what you need to assure the package performs effectively through the entire distribution cycle. Often times, products are very over-packaged because there has been no way to predict the optimum materials required to enclose and protect the product effectively and efficiently. We use the lab to design and utilize the most optimum packaging components to give you the highest performance solution at the best value.


Amazing Works

Companywide, DeLine Box is proud to have had only a 919 DPPM (Defective Parts per Million) rate, in 2012. This rate reflects all typical and regular non-conformities, as well as the special cause non-conformities that occur. Compared to our competitors, we are performing among the best with industry averages – most companies average well between 1,000 – 5,000 DPPM on an annual, companywide, basis.


At every workstation throughout our facility, there are machine specifications, set-up procedures and Product Quality Verification(PQV) forms. Each setup/order requires that PQV forms be utilized throughout the run cycle and any non-conformities found within a run are recorded on the PQV. The PQV audit begins at startup and then at 15-minute intervals thereafter. The PQV process mandates that when a non-conformity is found, the order is searched backwards through previous units to the beginning of the problem, where non-conformities are culled out immediately. This assures our customers that each unit has been audited and verified for product quality.


Our logistics department strives to deliver your product to your business with friendly service and efficiency. Our drivers are all about maintaining the quality of our product in-transit, delivered on-time and done so with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. We will move heaven and earth to get your product to your business door on time and we are always happy to get customer feedback about the best delivery options to make your experience the best it can be for your business.

Structural integrity. Creativity. Years of Experience. Speed.


That’s what our design team delivers to you. With over 50 years of combined experience in structural design, our team is one of the best. From industry standards to new and innovative styles in packaging and retail displays, we will get your product in the hands of your customers with speed and style. Each display or box – customized for your product.

We work with you and your team to get your packaging exactly the way you want it – building custom samples of your new display or packaging with the latest cad system and cutting table. We bring you actual prototypes to test and work with, making sure it fits your needs and the retail store or shipping environment your package will be in. Structurally sound, visually creative, delivered to you quickly, all wrapped up in the confidence of years of experience.


Our showroom is the perfect place to get inspiration for your next project or get to know our team. Stop in any time!

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