Optimizing Your Point of Purchase Displays

We talk a lot about the power of eye catching displays, especially in this day and age. While consumers are visiting stores they spend far less time in the store. The days of slowly browsing the isles are gone for now. Brands that are seeing increased sales during this time are the brands that are getting creative with their packaging.

Displays have always been a powerful way of building brand awareness, encouraging impulse buying, and creating ease of purchase. The key to getting the most from your display is thinking outside the box. Know your retail space and optimize all branding opportunities available.

A great example of this kind of approach is a recent project we completed with Prost Brewing Company. Prost always does an amazing job of creating beautiful graphics to promote their beer. Their brand is easily distinguishable in stores and when you look at their packaging it just oozes the feel of German beer. We were blown away by the creative use of this display in stores. It really proves that displays are multifunctional if you think get creative and utilize your space wisely.