The POP Display Saves the Day

Here at DeLine, we produce a lot of point of purchase displays. We packaging nerds, like to marvel at the final product that is the convergence of the great marketing and development teams of our clients and our own structural designers and printing capabilities. It’s great to see it all come together. What’s even better is that displays move product. Well designed displays represent brands in powerful ways that compel customers to pick up their product.

These days we are producing more displays than ever. It makes sense. The buying patterns of consumers have changed drastically in the last few months. People are no longer browsing casually through the stores. Most consumers are cautiously and often hurriedly shopping. This is where the display saves the day, not just for brands but for consumers as well.

If you have done any shopping lately you will notice that the flow of stores is at best complicated. Personally I spend half of my time turning around because I’m going in the wrong direction of the arrow I’m supposed to follow. With that being said, well placed and well-branded displays that capture the eye make it easier for the consumer to weed through the options. We always knew displays were convenient and drove sales but in this time of crisis, they are actually making shopping a lot easier for the consumer with the added benefit of boosting sales for brands.

If you have thought about displays or you are looking to switch up your existing display, now is the time. Give us a call today.