Smart Shopper Separation Unit for the Win

Social distancing, it’s absolutely necessary and incredibly hard to maintain. As we ease back into retail setting there are is a lot of confusion. If you watch the next time you are in your local grocery or liquor store you will notice the act of shopping has become a maze of misdirection often driven by fear and frustration. We have the arrows on the floor directing us, the circles on the floor prompting us to distance and we as consumers rarely know where to go. In the midst of trying to look down and follow the dots or arrows we are lucky if we don’t run smack into another shopper.

As we continue on this new path of social distancing, retailers are faced with the challenge of complying with social distancing rules in innovative ways that are actually effective. My personal opinion, I don’t know that the arrows are working.

Retailers and brands have a unique opportunity to communicate distancing requirements while branding or even offering a message of hope. We created these for our use at our facility and we love them. It gets eyes off the floor and creates a fluid line of communication encouraging social distancing, the added bonus is there is ample room for branding and messaging. They are light and can be moved and most importantly, they are sustainable.

If you are interested in a mock-up of a separator contact us today! Let’s get creative while helping make shopping safe again.