Company-wide, DeLine Box is proud to have had only a 919 DPPM (Defective Parts per Million) rate, in 2012. This rate reflects all typical and regular non-conformities, as well as the special cause non-conformities that occur. Compared to our competitors, we are performing among the best with industry averages – most companies average well between 1,000 – 5,000 DPPM on an annual, companywide, basis.

Our Commitment to Quality

At every workstation throughout our facility, there are machine specifications, set-up proceedures and Product Quality Verification(PQV) forms. Each setup/order requires that PQV forms be utilized throughout the run cycle and any non-conformities found within a run are recorded on the PQV. The PQV audit begins at startup and then at 15-minute intervals thereafter. The PQV process mandates that when a non-conformity is found, the order is searched backwards through previous units to the beginning of the problem, where non-conformities are culled out immediately. This assures our customers that each unit has been audited and verified for product quality.