Graphic Packaging

Packaging design is a critical component in building a brand’s image and identity. Whether it’s a cosmetic product, or a 5–gallon pail of commercial paint, your packaging offers a huge opportunity to positively impact your brand’s image. Similarly,the type of graphic representation you choose should be based upon several criteria, including: the desired look and feel, the quantity required, your budget, the intended distance from viewer, and size of the product/package.

Direct Print

Print just what yFagerberg Onionsou need, when you need it. Our high-fidelity flexo printing press and die cutter is a state-of-the-art machine that prints amazing graphics directly on the combined corrugated board. Use this type of packaging for shorter and medium-sized runs, where your inventory needs are unpredictable or if you need a project to market in a very short time frame.

Flexo PrePrint


Flexo printed liner can represent a good value for those products of sufficient volume to reap the benefits of longer print runs and lower printing costs. Flexo preprint offers print resolution somewhere between offset lithography and post print. Preprinted liner is run in advance of making the corrugated board and then combined to make your custom packaging in A, B, C and E flute as well as doublewall packaging.

Litho Labels

Gold ClassFor the highest resolution on store shelves offset lithography is a great option. You will get near photographic quality on your package and it is perfect for smaller packages, high-end consumer products or where the package graphics demands many photographic images, fine detail or small typefaces. Lithography offers the highest print resolution available for packaging today.

Upload your art and we will send you a 3D of your packaging with your artwork.