3 Must Haves for Powerful Packaging Design

03/08/16 at 10:21 AM

It's an age old story. a Company develops an amazing product, develops an amazing marketing campaign but overlooks the impact of product packaging. By the time many companies get to packaging they are rushing to fulfill orders and want to cut corners. We are here to remind you that PACKAGING SELLS! Below are three important things to consider when designing your product packaging. 

Left Hand Fade to Black

Originality and Creativity

Many brewers minimize the importance of bold creative packaging. The majority of stores stack these boxes throughout the store. BAM! Instant marketing display!



retail packaging



Maximize Shelf Impact While Telling Your Story

This package is bold yet clean. It tells the story that this product is 100% natural.




wine boxes

Go Green 

Consumers are making the choice to purchase products the are packaged with the environment in mind. Choose a brand like Forest Guard to manufacture your boxes and tell the story on the package.