Tappi Testing Lab

labOur internal, TAPPI certified, testing lab is our gateway to understanding what is happening to our product through the manufacturing cycle. We also use it to "deconstruct" other packaging materials to analyze the individual components that make up the box. The lab is a controlled environment maintained at 50% relative humidity and 73.5° Fahrenheit, with a separate "hot room" used to precondition materials before testing. Having a TAPPI lab on premises give us capabilities that most other packaging manufacturers do not have available locally. Our daily testing provides us insight into the integrity of our converting processes.

Performance Packaging

Our European counterparts have long understood the need to design packaging using this central premise: use only what you need to assure the package performs effectively through the entire distribution cycle. Often times, products are very over-packaged because there has been no way to predict the optimum materials required to enclose and protect the product effectively and efficiently. We use the lab to design and utilize the most optimum packaging components to give you the highest performance solution at the best value.

Capabilities include, but not limited to:

  • Box Compression Testing (BCT)
  • Edge Crush Testing (ECT)
  • Flat Crush, Ring Crush
  • Basis Weight
  • Moisture Content
  • Pin Adhesion
  • Mullen - Burst Strength Testing