Shelf-Ready or Retail-Ready Packaging

Soap SRP

Shelf or retail-ready packaging (SRP/RRP) is a packaging approach that enables to a product to come ready for merchandising or sale with little or no setup or opening.  It also meets other needs that make it easy to identify  in the warehouse and easy to open, shelve and shop. DeLine Box & Display is one of only a few corrugated packaging companies in the USA that can produce multi-part shelf-ready packaging out of 100% recycled material.

Typically an SRP box is composed of a highly printed display tray glued to a brown Kraft shipping container. What makes it unique is that both parts are joined as one but are designed in such a way that they can be easily "popped" apart at the point-of-sale. 

Retail ready packaging has the following characteristics:

• Easy to find
• Easy to open
• Easy to shelve
• Easy to dispose of, recycle or reuse
• Easy to shop

More and more retailers are requesting SRP/RRP solutions for their products because it has proven itself to be a very effective way to quickly restock, display and sell products at retail. Please contact us if you have questions about shelf or retail-ready packaging and we'll be glad to help.



This corrugated shelf-ready package is composed of two parts: a display tray that will effectively contain and display product at retail, and the "shipper" part of the design that makes the SKU easily identifiable and protects the product through distribution. The brown part of the SRP quickly tears loose from the display tray at retail for very rapid shelf restocking.