3 Consumer Catching Packaging Components

01/10/17 at 02:50 AM

Research has shown that consumers spend on average 27 seconds making a decision in the shopping isle. This makes shelf appeal top priority. Consumers gravitate toward what is perceived to be a premium product. What communicates the message of whether a product is considered premium? A premium package ! Consumers want to be wowed with graphics, educated by the story and assured of ease of use by design. Let's take a look at the 3 consumer catching components of a premium package.


Graphics: Gone are the days of buying large box runs just to get incredible graphics. You can now tell your story in a vibrant, visual way with short run orders. Graphics build your brand and set you apart on store shelves. 




Functionality: Accessibility on store shelves and ease of use upon purchase are key factors for consideration. 







Shape: The style and shape of your packaging reflect the creativity of your brand. Work with designers that consider the importance of originality in form when it comes to brand differentiation in store.