Should All Fast Food Packaging be Recyclable?

04/11/13 at 12:22 PM by

Should all fast food packaging be ryclable? That is the question being presented to Californians. According to OPB.ORG 

"A bill in the California Legislature would require fast food chains to use all compostable or recyclable packaging – and to make sure a good portion of that packaging is actually diverted from landfills and storm drains. It's called the Fast Food Packaging and Marine Pollution Reduction Act.

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco, cites data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency showing 1 million tons of takeout food packaging is generated in California every year, and most of it is landfilled or littered. Monitoring by the environmental group Clean Water Action has found about half of all street litter is linked directly to fast food chains.

So, there's a pretty big chunk of the waste stream that could be reduced by cracking down on fast food packaging. Leno charges it also clogs storm drains, pollutes the ocean through stormwater runoff, and costs public money to clean up.

His bill would require fast food chains with 20 locations or more to use packaging materials that can be recycled or composted in each store's local jurisdiction. The law would add a packaging recovery rate requirement of 25 percent by 2016, 50 percent by 2018, and 75 percent by 2020."

I for one think this is a great idea. What do you think? Post below.