Why Team Building Matters

03/15/13 at 12:47 PM

The best companies hold one universal secret to success regardless of the industry. The secret......team building. When you think of great companies to work for some names that might pop to mind are Google, GE, Facebook or Tom's. Why dothese companies come to mind? One BIG reason is that they have tapped into the power of workforce culture and team building. 

With the day to day crunch of exceding sales goals, watching budgets and employee management, the idea of "team" gets lost in the mix. To ignore this fact is a massive mistake. The culture of your team holds the success of your organization at it's mercy. Without a cohesiveness, quality suffers and turnover increases. 

I'm fortunate to work for a company that recognizes the importance of the team. By not only recognizing the importance of building strong workforce relationships but nurturing them, success is guaranteed. Below are a few areas that are strenthened by team building. 

Improved bonding among team members
Specific tools and skills to improve communication
Increased motivation
Deeper understanding of objectives, goals and vision/mission.
Enhanced ability to manage stress
Improved ability to solve problems
Increased creativity and ability to be proactive
Eliminate conflicts and miscommunication
Eliminate waste
Improve sales & customer service skills
Increase job satisfaction and fulfillment
Increase loyalty to team and company
And many more.

Our latest team building moment was a cooking class. This was ideal as the sales team prepared the meal and served the guests. The guests were made up of those who serve us on a daily basis. A great time was had by all, and while it was entertaining, we walked away being educated. The education was not just the dish, it was observing how the individuals in our team operate in the kitchen, A perspective you would otherwise never experience.

How interesting to see that the guy some thought was  stand-offish or didn't like them,is actually an extremely detailed, independent person who works best alone, thus he did the prep work. Or that the person who is always in trouble for not confurring on project details didn't follow instructions and threw everything into a pot and hoped for the best. What resulted was an organic team coming together to help each other along. My team was fragmented at first, but by the end of the prepping we were all gathered around a pot confurring on what needed to be added TOGETHER, WITH SMILES ON OUR FACES.........this is a true story.

It's amazing how taking a team out of an office environment, pairing them with people they have the hardest time working with and having them cook a meal, can go miles in gaining understanding and learning more about one another. 

I certainly feel like I learned nothing but positive things from spending time in the kitchen with my team, and you can add DeLine Box Company to that list of companies above.