3 Steps to Graphic Packaging Without Breaking the Bank

03/11/13 at 12:22 PM by

The attention span of the typical consumer is short. In fact, short is an understatement. So how do you grab their attention and get them to choose your item from the sea of offerings on store shelves? This is the ultimate question.

We all would like to have eye-catching, brand driven packaging, but that takes a budget. So what is the answer? The answer is, there is good news. Never has their been a time when creating brand identity through packaging was easier or as cost effective. Direct print technology has come a long way and the GREAT news is that now you can brand yourself and be "green" at the same time.

Why We Love Direct Print

Direct Print is one of the most economical and easy ways to achieve great branding at a price point you will love. The convenience of not have to buy pre print rolls allows you to manage your inventory and dollars, which saves you money! It also gives you the peace of mind that if you change your branding strategy in 6 months it's a simple plate modification. Again, big saving with great results. 

Below are some tips on creating brand identity through packaging without breaking the bank. 

1. Redesign the package to use less material, thus creating dollars for graphics.

2. Take a bland one color box and jump to two with full coverage where your brand can POP!

3. Create a brand and stick to it, find a manufaturer, invest in plates and watch your box or display cost drop after a few runs.

Check out these great examples of branding through packaging, and tell us which ones you like. 

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