Why is Graphic Packaging so Important?

03/01/13 at 10:48 AM by

We are frequently asked by customers who haven't taken the leap to graphic packaging, why graphic packaging is so important. The answer is simple, It's your best way to tap into the attention span of your target audience.

I read an article on PackWorld.com that captured the cycle of the average consumer. According to PackWorld:

"How do shoppers behave in the store? How do they cut through the crowded and overwhelming shelves of product they encounter? It’s really quite simple. They’re driven to a grocery store out of need—think milk, eggs, bread. While racing down the aisles they are stopped by a subconscious response to packaging that stands out, packaging that’s distinctive and cuts through the clutter. Shoppers are drawn to such packages and will put them in their baskets even though they didn’t go to the store to get them in the first place.

 There are three distinct parts to this process. First is the stopping power of a brand, which is a sensorial response to packaging. A single “black sheep” in a herd of “white sheep” will stand out. Packaging shape and color are the salient features that can accomplish this. 

Once a package has the attention of the shopper, it must be relevant to get them to pick it up. In other words, the graphics must connect with their interests and aspirations.

Speed to market is key if brands are to capitalize on the new shopper’s desire for relevancy. Brands whose packaging is relevant have demonstrated the ability to generate engagement and interaction. " For full article click here. 

What has been your experience with graphic packaging or are you still on the ledge? Post your comments below.