Consumers Expect Packaging to Explain Recyclability

11/04/13 at 09:57 AM

A new survey conducted by Research Data + Insights, on behalf of the Carton Council of North America (CCNA), shows that consumers “overwhelmingly” believe product companies and their brands play a crucial role in recycling. In the survey, 86% responded that they expect food and beverage brands to actively help increase the recycling of their packages.

According to; "One of the key findings is the fact that U.S. consumers actually look to the actual products they purchase for environmental information, even before turning to other resources. The vast majority (76%) reported they would look at the product’s packaging to learn if a package is recyclable. The second most popular place to determine recyclability was the product’s company website (33%), followed by the consumer’s city website at 26%."

These findings underscore what our industry has been saying for some time now. Packaging is the best source to educate consumers about recyclability. 

Does your brand and your package educate consumers? If the answer is no, it's time for a change.

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