Now THAT is Branding! The Gaylord Box

10/16/13 at 09:48 AM

If you have ever had the thought that packaging and brand identity have little to do with each other, think again.  Let's begin with a question. 


What is a Gaylord box? As a box manufacturer I get this question about once a week. Do we have them, do we make them? Of course we do. A Gaylord by any other name is a pallet size bin. To be more precise it is a very large container used to ship bulk quantities of a particular product.  Most commonly used in the packaging and manufacturing industry these boxes are often placed on a pallet and one box can take up an entire 40 x 48 inch standard pallet.  Often times custom pallets will need to be built to accommodate for an even larger gaylord box.  Because of their size it can be difficult to locate box manufactures that have the capabilities to build them. 

Did you see that last line? This is the point of my post. At Deline Box Company we make these bins every day, but to the marketplace they  are known as Gaylords. Now THAT is branding.