Edible Packaging Win or Lose?

01/23/13 at 12:41 PM by

I recently ran across an article on Fresh Plaza about edible packaging. According to Fresh Plaza, "Researchers and designers are working on a solution to reduce waste. As a result, more and more packages appear on the market that are compostable and made from recycled materials. But packaging that you can actually eat is now becoming possible as well. In the future you won’t just eat the soup, but also the packaging that surrounds it. On what time scale such packages will become available is unclear, but there are already machines developed for the production of edible packaging.

David Edwards, a professor at Harvard University, and his company produces Wiki Cells packaging, made ​​of chocolate, fruit, nuts or seeds with a bit of chitosan (biochemical polymer) or alginate (from seaweed). There are several variants of Wiki Cells. For example, a Gazpacho soup surrounded by the membrane of a tomato, and a membrane of an orange containing orange juice. The edible coating can have virtually any flavour you want." Read Full article here.

My question is this. With consumers already concerned about process foods are they really going to eat a package that mimics the true product? 

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Edible Packaging. Win or Fail?